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LuxeLite Round - Thin Felted

Product Overview:  This specialty product is extraordinary.. This 1/4 inch product has been designed for special use installations that require Lower Profile applications .  Trade professionals love this product when wanting to reduce tripping hazards or when Doors height tolerance is low. We have engineered a product that is just a strong and delivers the same amazing grip as its bigger brother. It’s constructed for use on all indoor floor surfaces such as tile, hardwood, laminates, linoleum, concrete, or on rug-to-carpet applications. It will not damage, injure or mare your clients flooring.


Materials:  Post Industrial Recycled Synthetic Fibers with a high durometer pvc backing.




Product Details - ECO Friendly

• Dense 22oz fiber weight / 28oz’s total weight per sq yard.

• 100% post-industrial recycled synthetic fibers with a high durometer pvc backing, which creates a solid foundation that prevents slipping and bunching up of area rugs

• Green Label Plus Certified thru the Carpet Research Institute for air quality and a healthy home environment.

• Can be used on radiant floor applications

• Fiber (scratch) side up on hard floor surfaces, and down on carpet surfaces

• Indoor use only

• Flammability – passes & exceeds the ASTM D1230-94 Flammability of Apparel Textiles test.

• Made in the USA.

ECO – Green Story:

• Recycled Post Industrial Synthetic Fibers.

• Green Label Plus Certified (GLP329) thru the Carpet Research Institute for a healthy home environment.