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Ah, the area rug pad.

Never seen, yet oh-so-essential.

Here, re-imagined.

You don’t need to be convinced of the necessity of a rug pad, so let’s skip to the engineered innovation of UNDER IT ALL pads and the expedient, scissor-less installations you’ll enjoy going forward.

Felted, only and always

Comfort is key. A felted rug pad gives you that luxurious “sink in” feeling with every step, or every sit, or every full-body sprawl, since that’s precisely how we hope your clients enjoy their area rugs, and therefore their area rug pads.


Designed for the least possible impact to the environment. From our 100%  industrial recycled synthetic fiber and our conscious choice against rubber, to our cutting methods for reducing waste, to our USA-based manufacturing partner (who owns the corresponding recycling operation), to our business model that reduces cross-country transport… UNDER IT ALL always has “eco” in mind.

Pretty grippy

Our high durometer 100% PVC backing has a high adhesion coefficient that keeps the pad, and therefore the rug, locked in place, yet it’s formulated to remain supple (read: comfortable). Oh, and that peace-of-mind grip is rendered in dots and tiny daisies. It’s the prettiest, grippiest pad you ever “won’t” see.

For any indoor floor

Choose one of two options. Intentionally simple for time-saving decision-making.

Thick or thin

LUX (½” felted)

Cushy and strong and stay-put. 

Favorited by trade professionals because it’s perfect for nearly every install. Maximum comfort and maximum hold.

LUX LITE (¼” felted)

Still cushy. Still strong. Still stay-put. Just thinner. 

Fantastic for rug-over-carpet installations, areas with low door height tolerance, high-traffic trip-hazard areas, and any place where ADA compliance is required.

Custom cut

Round? Choose your diameter.

Rectangular? Choose your length and width.

Asymmetrical, scalloped or otherwise funky? Show us your uniquely-shaped rug — we live to customize. 

PRO TIP: A rug pad should be 1-3” smaller than the rug itself to ensure it lays flat with no ruffling or bunching at the edges. Stay-put safety, floor protection, and comfort all at once.

We make it perf(ect)

By punching holes in it. 

Yes, indeed. First, your pad will be custom cut to the specs you provide. As an option, we will perforate the pad at 1- and 2-inch intervals from the edge. When your rug turns up a smidge smaller than the stated dimensions, simply tear the pad at the perforation for a perfect fit.

Shop now.

With a few keystrokes, what you need will be on its way in no time. 

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