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Welcome to Under it all 


We have a huge secret that we have kept until now. We are excited to connect and share our story, which we hope changes the way you order and receive rug pads. 

Our Story was born out of your story. Over the last 20 years in the area rug business we have watched and learned what designers deal with daily, when sourcing, receiving and installing rug pads. 

We simply had to change the awkward way the design trade has to order and receive rug pads which are oh so necessary for a smooth and confident installation. 

Our company created what may be the first on-demand convenience model in the home furnishings industry.  We provide a to-the-trade only, closed web site , accessible only to designers, architects and specifiers that are able to provide the appropriate credentialing. 

We have reimagined and reinvented everything when it comes to the rug pad buying and delivery experience, but most importantly the installation experience.

Our web site allows you to order online in under 5 minutes. 

  • Choose your product: Thick Felted  or Felted Thin ( 100% recycled )
  • Enter the exact dimensions of the rug you just purchased and need to install. We cut 2 “ shorter on Length and Width for a perfect fit
  • Provides you instant Trade Pricing. ( you are only paying for the product you need) 
  • Enter where and when you want your product delivered ( store, receiver or install location)
  • Our final mile partner will deliver your rolled, custom cut pad ( you will get real time tracking just like Uber)
  • Free delivery on all orders within a 50 mile radius of all UIA Warehouses 

We know we have some adoring Amazon fans out there but remember all oversized pads ( 10 x 14 or larger)  don’t have free shipping, they come folded and can take up to 4-5 days to arrive.

With Under it All your pad is ready for a quick and seamless installation experience saving you time and money.  

  • How much time? Well, about 20 minutes per rug. This turns our product into a profit center for your company. 
  • How much money? Depends on how many pads you order.  If you typically order 2 or more pads from your current provider you can count on roughly $35 per pad via UPS or Fed EX. Our customers that order 3 pads or more heading to the same site typically save $150 dollars per install. Snap! Another profit center!

Atlanta is just the beginning.. Our goal is to scale this model and create a network of multi city warehousing and fabricating locations that will eventually serve you and your projects across the US.

We feel that small improvements yield big results and frankly should have been done years ago! Please join our network today.