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How to correctly measure a custom rug pad.  

PRO TIP #1   

Fringe is never included in the measurement of a rug.. This may not be so obvious to some so we just had to point that out.

PRO TIP #2    

Don't trust the label.

Just because that really helpful manufacturer's label says the rug you just purchased is an 8.6 x 11.6 we reckoned measuring the unit. Whether its a machine woven product or hand knotted both contain variances.  Lastly we have been surprised at how many we have seen have been as much as 2 inches off a length or a width. 


"Measure twice- cut once”

We live and die the adage, if an old fashioned tape measure is not handy we are excited to provide you two of the best measurement apps available today. Whether you are an Android or Apple fan, we have you covered either way.

Thank you for taking the time and effort to get this key step correct.

These free APPs will help if you don't have measuring tape. Simple screen shot the final measurement and upload it to our product checkout. 

Apple APP Store 

Google Play for Android